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Medusa Inspired - Gorgon mini sclera contacts put your look over the top! Our sclera lenses offer 18mm of eye coverage and unbeatable comfort. Top quality. Complete your costume with our oversized Red mini sclera lenses. These sclera contacts covers more of your eye than a standard sized contact lens for a. Blackhole mini-sclera contacts (pair with 12 month lifespan). 17mm mini-sclera contact lenses. No, not the 90's grunge hit! The design is based on the. Buy Mini Sclera novelty contact lenses. has been providing the best value online in contacts for over 28 years. Create a spine-chilling look with our black mini sclera contacts! Ideal for demon, zombie, or horror cosplays, these 17mm lenses offer a great alternative.

Our Sclera collection boasts distinctive designs and shades that entirely mask your natural eye color. For those special occasions where a touch of the. At Contacts America we guarantee your Mini Sclera contacts to be exactly as your eye doctor prescribed! Take advantage of our discounted prices (as low as. These contacts can be used to transform into the unmistakable zombie appearance from the Walking Dead, the Resident Evil series, the Evil Dead film franchise. Looking for an amazing effect for your next makeup or disguise? Enjoy these Mini Sclera Lenses. Ten awesome models available: Freddy, Killer, Skull. Be scary for a party with Red Mini Sclera Contacts · Diameter: mm. · Duration of use: 1 year. · Colors: Red and Black. · Contour: Without Contour. · A. Cheetara Thundercat mini-sclera contacts (pair with 12 month lifespan). These 17mm yellow cat eye mini-sclera contact lenses give the effect of a big cat. Buy America's No1 black mini sclera contacts with overnight shipping. made in the UK, and shipped from the USA, they have a day lifespan. Make your make your presence known this Halloween, haunt attraction, next cosplay event, or theatrical performance, The ideas are endless. Featuring mini-sclera. Linn's Sullen Doll Eye 17mm Mini Sclera Contact Lenses(12 months of use) · 1. If you are new to wearing contact lenses, we recommend the following: · 2. Before. Bold and scary, these Black Contact Lenses are the ultimate crazy lens! These blackout contact lenses completely block out your natural eye colour. Primal Contacts White Mini Sclera in the Theatrical Contact Lenses collection at CostumeWorx. Your source for theatre, makeup, cosplay, airbrushing and.

SPECIFICATION Color Black Power Range Lens Diameter mm B.C mm DETAILS Packaging 2 lenses + 1 lens container Material polymacon Water content. The thing about mini Sclera lenses – like 17mm Sclera lenses – is the way The great news is that you can get top quality contacts when you buy 17mm Sclera. Black Out Mini Sclera 17mm Contacts. IP Character: Tokyo Revengers Manjiro. Looking for high-quality, comfortable, and affordable cosplay contacts? Classic black mini sclera contacts put your look over the top! Our sclera lenses offer 18mm of eye coverage and unbeatable comfort. Top quality. Black Mini Sclera features an all black iris and transparent, narrow pupil. MS for mini-sclera, our widest lenses, color more eye surface than any of our. Nebulous 17mm Mini Sclera Contacts are an affordable way to change your eye color. These contact lenses have a clear color, which ensures that they can be. These Red Mini Sclera Lenses from Primal make your eyes look larger than they are. Smaller than traditional SCLERA contacts, they still give a very dramatic. Just have a look at some of the options of Sclera contact lenses and Mini Sclera contact lenses from Colour Your Eyes are dead set amazing contacts. Get a. Order Mini Sclera contacts. GET-LENS has one of the largest selections of popular contacts online, while enjoying the best sales, promotions.

Unleash your creativity and express yourself with our stunning mini sclera colored contacts! Ideal for adding that extra flair to your cosplay, special effects. Featuring a mm supersized design, our mini sclera lenses are everything you need to create jaw-dropping look. You could achieve almost the same striking. We have a wide ranges of 17mm diameter sclera lenses and halloween lens for you to complete your cosplay looks. Grab a pair of Mini Sclera Halloween contact lenses to do wonders for your costume party or Halloween outfit. Mini Red Sclera contact lenses are made from 62 percent polymacon, a flexible polymer material that adapts to the shape of your eyes. This innovative material.

Sclera contacts present you with a perfect Halloween! Since various sizes and shapes of sclera contacts from 17mm Mini sclera contacts to 22mm Blackout. Stand out from the crowd this Halloween with Sweety Mini Sclera Lens Nebulos! These vibrant colored contacts give you the perfect cosplay look with a blue.

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